Benefits of Kitting Services

There are many benefits to reap by choosing The Service Center for your fulfillment kitting needs:

  • Kitting allows for the batching of similar products to improve efficient and streamline workflow
  • Reduced inventory and provides more space
  • Reduced shipping costs and internal labor costs
  • Improved customer services
  • Stronger relationships with packaging companies
  • Your inventory is managed in real-time with access to your data 24/7
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Fulfillment Kitting Services

Fulfillment Kitting is the process of taking the multiple product SKUs and combining them into ready-to-ship packages with a singular SKU. At The Service Center, we offer careful, fast and efficient kitting services that leave your products properly assembled and leave you worry free. We are known as "small package experts", featuring design and build for every size of package, including complex multi-SKU kits for event management, new product introductions, sales sample distribution and retail promotions.

A reliable pick-and-pack service is what drives the "Kitting" process. We work with etailers and multi-level marketers to assemble thousands of kits per day. Our management system measures and manages inventory to make for the most efficient kitting. Pre-kitting products can help to save time and money. Research shows that kitting services help to eliminate bottlenecking in a company's process by gathering products together. The Service Center handles menu-driven point of sale; serialized assembly and lot control; multi-component and multi-version; retailer-specific; membership fulfillment; subscription boxes; and many other variations.

We ship a wide variety of products and will work with you to ensure that your workflow is as streamlined as possible. Our packaging methods is custom to fit your specific product kits and we will even use your packaging in our kitting process. In addition, we will also source the necessary materials so that your products are packed as safely and efficiently as possible. This includes shrink wrap, cellophane, bubble wrap, paper liners, corrugated cardboard, mailing tubes and boxes and many other packaging tools.

The Service Center provides on demand and pre-assembly for in-house stock items to make sure that you maintain the lowest possible level of inventory, and that your products are ready to go whenever and wherever you need them to. We help to plan out manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities.