Celebrating 40 years!

At The Service Center, we've got our E-Commerce clients covered when it comes to making storage and distribution a breeze. Our secret sauce? Integration flexibility.

Picture this: during Inbound Processing, we seamlessly sync up with different systems using EDI, API, or SFTP to snag all the product purchase data straight from our clients. Our WMS kicks into gear, whipping up the right labels for shipments bound for either B2C (Eaches/Cartons to Consumers) or B2C (skidded cartons to Retailers Distribution spots).

Fast forward to Post Processing - we feed back all the important tracking and shipment info securely through industry-standard protocols, completing the loop with our clients' systems.

Why does it matter? Well, this integration dance boosts accuracy and speed, ensuring that crucial data flows smoothly for on-time deliveries to both consumers and distribution centers.

Ready to dive deeper? Let's chat about how The Service Center can seamlessly integrate with your system.