Coca-Cola Creations

Fulfillment - Premium Sales Sample Distribution

The Challenge

Multinational beverage client faced challenges when distributing new product samples to targeted influencers.

Some of the specific challenges they faced involved:

These challenges created frustration based on samples often arrived damaged and too late to be used effectively.

The Solution

Provide the client with an outsourcing process where TSC could handle all aspects of the presentation carton printing, assembly of samples in kits and final distribution. As soon as new product was available, client sent new products to TSC for storage prior to distribution date.

The Outcome

After managing the printing of the presentation cartons, TSC assembled the folded kit inserts, added various stickers and then inserted the two premium cans into the presentation boxes and to finish, inserted each box in its shipping carton. Dispersal of the samples was completed 3-4 days after the receipt of all of the elements and the distribution list.

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