Product Distribution via Door Hanger

Fulfillment - TSC kitting with QC processes

The Challenge

A new client wanted to introduce a line of internationally renowned hot sauces into the Georgia market. In order to create excitement and a buzz, the company wanted to hand deliver 24,000 samples to select homes in the Atlanta area. These samples needed to be inserted into a box with product information and a recipe card. These would be placed on the door handles of each home’s front door.

Some of the specific challenges faced were:

The client turned to The Service Center to handle the task.

The Solution

TSC received all the materials, assembled the kits and shipped all 24,000 product samples in less than two weeks.

In the initial setup, a TSC employee raised the concern that the string provided, with specific tying instructions specified by the client might not support the box and that the sticker provided might not adhere to their box. The Production Department performed a QC process by hanging samples on doors around our facility. After a few days, the knots untied, destroying the bottles inside the packaging. With some TSC ingenuity in creative “knot tying”, all the strings held up based on our adjustments. In addition, the QS process revealed that the stickers supplied to close the boxes did not stay attached. TSC notified the client and they ordered new stickers.

The Outcome

Due to TSC’s quality processes and quick thinking, money was saved by the client, as well as valuable time. The client enjoyed the successful launch of 24,000 hot sauce products!

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