Fulfillment - Outsourcing Fulfillment because of Rapid Growth

The Challenge

An Event Management company, that specializes in Marathon races, was experiencing steady growth when COVID-19 changed everything. Recognizing that "Necessity the mother of invention", they adjusted their business model from only supporting In-Person races to also include Virtual races. Their growth continued but presented them with new challenges.

With the number of "races" increasing and their staff not on each race site, they had to manually fulfill the race swag (t-shirts, numbered bibs and unique medals) for each runner. Based on their limited office space and personnel, they initially tried to handle the fulfillment in-house but it became too much to manage and too expensive.

The Solution

By outsourcing the fulfillment of their race swag to TSC, the client was able to better focus on the continued growth of their business, while operating more efficiently.

The Outcome

Based on TSC's management of each step of the race swag fulfillment:

  1. The client has stated, "TSC allows us to not worry constantly about the job being done RIGHT".
  2. The runners receive their swag in a timelier manner.
  3. All the client’s energy is now focused on continuing their "rocket fueled growth" with lower costs and fewer headaches.

If you are experiencing similar growing pains, please Contact Us so we can show you how outsourcing to TSC can reduce your costs and your headaches.

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