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Turnkey Solutions with The Service Center

Every successful Incentive program starts with effectively designed POP that is professionally printed, accurately kitted and shipped to arrive just prior to the promotion start date. That is followed up by quick processing of submissions and the distribution of Rebate checks, Gift cards or Premium

Professionally printed

The Service Center provides creative artwork/typesetting or can work with your creative materials to produce all kinds of POP... posters, stickers, tags, tent toppers, etc. You name it, we produce it!

Accurately kitted

Our kitting services properly assembles and alleviates your worries. We are known as "package experts", featuring design and build out every size package, including complex multi-SKU kits for Incentive programs, along with new product introductions, sales sample distribution and retail promotions.

Timely shipping

POP that arrives too soon can get lost prior to the promotion start date while arriving too late shortens the timeframe for submissions. The Service Center schedules each part of the process so that the kits arrive a few days prior to the start of your promotion to maximize its potential success

Quick processing

Whether your consumers submit electronically or via mail, submissions are verified per your business rules and processed for mailing/digital upload within days. Quicker response leads to happier consumers and salespeople, and greater participation in your promotion.

Analysis and reporting

The status of each submission along with overall program analysis is available online minute by minute. No more waiting until the end of the month or until the program is over. Know each day how your promotion is progressing (submissions received, handled and processed) and spend budget.