Contest Management & Administration

When it comes to engaging consumers, contests are a great way to go about it. Since contests are different and more complex than sweepstakes, it�s critical that clients work with experienced, knowledgeable administrators to guide them through the process. Contests require an element of skill, rather than the winning being chosen randomly. Having administered hundreds of contests over the years, The Service Center knows how to write the rules, keep clients legally compliant, determine the winners, and manage the prizing.

We can provide contest management services for two types of contests � traditional and digital. Traditional contests typically occur at a physical location. Contests can supplement the hard work that is already being put into creating a valuable in store experience by drawing in more customers. Digital contests are a great way to build your following, increasing brand awareness and engagement and retaining and attracting new customers. Since most consumers are online, digital contests are exceptionally useful for these matters.

With our cutting-edge contest management software, we will help to design and administer a contest program that will drive consumers to your websites, general leads and increase sales. Your contest management plan will be custom built to fit your specific needs. We can collect and review entry submissions including photos, videos and pdfs, automate scoring, and manage judging from anywhere at any time. Our contest administration services include:

  • Contest development
  • Rule writing and judgement critera
  • Entry qualifications & entry form collection
  • Legal matters including affidavits of eligibility and liability releases
  • Judging panels
  • Prizes
  • Scoring & reporting
  • Customizing the formatting of forms with drop down menus, check boxes and text fields