Celebrating 40 years!

Why TSC?

The Service Center is a complete rebate fulfillment & processing center that can accept Mail-in and Online rebates submissions along with pre-qualified rebate databases for processing. Our rebate processing software is proprietary and has been developed over the last 20 years as the rebate industry has evolved. It is supported by our in-house staff of developers and analysts.

Industries we serve

Rebates come in various forms

A rebate is a reward given to an individual after the purchase of a product or service. While most consumer rebates are in the form of a check, they can also be gift cards, service certificates or premiums. Rebates, usually in the form of SPIFs (Sales Performance Incentive Fund) or gift cards, can also be awarded to employees based on sales of specific products/services.

Rebates over Discounts

Retailers choose rebates over discounts because rebates offer retailers the benefit of giving customers a temporary discount on an item, while allowing the Retailer to maintain its current price point. Rebates also require the customer to correctly submit additional information (original proof of purchase along with their name and address for marketing purposes) to receive the rebate.

What We Offer

Our creative solutions for Rebate fulfillment services include:

Program design and consulting logo Program design
and consulting
Client specific websites that are mobile optimized and have "look and feel" of promotion's marketing materials.
Fraud Prevention logo Fraud
Proof of purchase verification and check information is transmitted to our bank daily so check for fraud attempts when checks are processed for payment.
Data Transparency logo Data
Real-time, Web-based Submissions Inquiry along with Analytic Reporting options.
Fast Turnaround logo Fast
Checks are printed and mailed on a daily basis. Consumers are notified via email (if email provided) that their submission has been processed and mailed.
Customer Service logo Customer
An 800 number is available for submission inquiries and is supported by an IVR system so consumers can check on the status of their rebate after hours. A Web Chat option is also available.

Rebate Fulfillment & Processing Services

At The Service Center, we streamline every aspect of your Rebate Fulfillment and Rebate Processing. From program set-up to engaging screen graphics to the tracking and reporting of purchasing trends, from start to finish. TSC makes sure you look like a winner in the eyes of your customer.

Rebate Fulfillment & Processing Services

Top 4 Reasons to use Mail-In Rebates


Manufacturers are able to reach price sensitive shoppers.


New manufacturers that want to make a break into a market can offer substantial rebate savings on their new product as a means of capturing a customer's attention.


Rebates offer retailers the benefit of giving customers a temporary discount on an item, to stimulate sales, while allowing it to maintain its current price point.


Ability to capture consumer information to help tailor marketing promotions, monitor consumer behaviors and update their consumers with special discounts.

Rebate processing should be fast, easy, and cost-effective. That's why you need a support team to help you manage the multitude of details that are essential to a successful campaign.