Rebate Fulfillment & Processing Services

At the Service Center, we streamline every aspect of your Rebate Fulfillment and Rebate Processing. From program set-up to engaging screen graphics to the tracking and reporting of purchasing trends, from start to finish. TSC makes sure you look like a winner in the eyes of your customer.

Rebates attract customers and can be used to positively engage customers by creating an experience and better brand loyalty. Our rebate fulfillment programs and online portals are innovative and designed to reduce cost and maintain customer loyalty. The Service Center also gives you the ability to view real-time analytics. This helps you be "up to speed" with consumer behavior pertaining to rebates and helps reach out to customers in an easy and efficient way.

We have a wide variety of rebate program types, including retailer, manufacturer, bundles, trade-in offers, online and mail in rebate processing services, stand alone rebates, variable rebates and much more. More than anything, we want your rebate fulfillment service to represent you in a unique way. We will customize your rebate management to fit your goals.

Our rebate services can include:

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What We Offer

Our creative solutions for Rebate fulfillment services include:

Top 4 Reasons to use Mail-In Rebates


Manufacturers are able to reach price sensitive shoppers.


New manufacturers that want to make a break into a market can offer substantial rebate savings on their new product as a means of capturing a customer's attention.


Rebates offer retailers the benefit of giving customers a temporary discount on an item, to stimulate sales, while allowing it to maintain its current price point.


Ability to capture consumer information to help tailor marketing promotions, monitor consumer behaviors and update their consumers with special discounts.

Rebate processing should be fast, easy, and cost-effective. That's why you need a support team to help you manage the multitude of details that are essential to a successful campaign.