Celebrating 40 years!

At The Service Center, we've got our Incentive clients covered with our flexible Integration capabilities for processing submissions.

Picture this: during Inbound Processing, we easily connect with different systems using EDI, API, or SFTP to effortlessly retrieve pre-approved Submissions data straight from our clients. This data can encompass multiple brands or departments within a single process. Our Rebate System then springs into action, generating requests for Physical Gift Cards, Digital Gift Cards, Rebate Checks, and/or Premium Items (such as Jerseys and Footballs), which are subsequently shipped to the clients' customer.

Now, let's fast forward to Post Processing - we securely provide all the crucial tracking and shipment information through industry-standard protocols, effectively closing the loop with our clients' systems.

Why does it matter? This integration process boosts accuracy and speed, ensuring that vital data flows seamlessly for timely deliveries to the clients' customers.

Eager to explorer further? Let's discuss how The Service Center can smoothly integrate with your system.