Check Writing & Mailing Services

TSC provides a secure and convenient way for businesses to get their check payments to their US or Canadian recipients. We can process them in Canadian dollars and mail the checks domestically in Canada. Whether sending rebate checks, refunds, survey payments, litigation checks or claims checks, TSC takes the hassle out and let's companies stay focused on their business.

Custom Logo & Check Stub Messaging

Custom Logo & Check Stub Messaging

Each touch point with a customer is an opportunity for businesses to re-enforce their brand.

Take advantage of our custom logo and check stub messaging to stay top of mind and continually engage your audience.

TSC has the ability to include personalized notes on the check, company logo (or other company information).

High Volume Check Printing

Whether seeking to send out 10 payments or 100,000 payments, businesses will value the simple, straightforward process TSC offers for issuing checks.

Convenience of using TSC bank account. No hassles with bank fees and for companies to go through opening separate bank accounts.

TSC offers some of the highest possible daily and weekly check printing volume available. 20,000 checks printed daily, we can handle even the biggest jobs.

Flexible File Acceptance

Clients can upload a range of file types to our secure portal. This flexibility makes it easy for businesses to get the job done, on their terms.

If looking for API integration for automatic processing of high volumes of single payments, our development team is dedicated to working with many different formats to make the process as simple as possible for your team!

Flexible File Acceptance

Positive Pay & Fraud Prevention

Positive Pay is a business process designed around preventing fraud. The process is to submit files to the bank that contain issued check information. When the bank receives a check, the bank compares the data on the check to the issued check information provided. If the check information contains any discrepancies, the check is set aside as an exception for review. This prevents criminals from cashing fraudulent checks. It also prevents the payee from altering the check amount or other vital pieces of information.

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is a character recognition system that uses special ink and characters to provide a much higher level of security and a decreased exposure to check fraud. MICR provides a secure, high-speed method of scanning and processing information in the banking network.

Monthly Account Reconciliation

All customers must provide prepayment of funds to cover checks being issued.

TSC creates invoice for checks issued within an agreed upon billing period. The invoice details all checks processed within the billing period and all applicable fees, funds from the prepayment balance are applied resulting in a zero dollar invoice.

Monthly, TSC does a reconciliation and analysis of the prepayment account and evaluates the balance on-hand versus the activity level.

Upon completion of the reconciliation, TSC provides the detail of payments and each use of funds applied.

Funding low points can be established and additional funds requested as needed.

Monthly Account Reconciliation
Customer Service

Customer Service

We understand the need for fast answers to your questions. That's why we've invested in passionate customer service associates that will respond fast and with the answers you need.

We also provide secure access 24/7 to an inquiry portal to review the status of checks; Printed, Mailed and Cashed.

Our team is 100% dedicated to providing only the best customer service in a fast and timely manner. We make ourselves available to you Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM CST.