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Candy Crush Sweet Treats Sweepstakes

Incentives - Online Sweepstakes and Instant Win

The Challenge

Major Quick Service Restaurant client faced challenges promoting their brand.

The Solution

Working with an existing agency, TSC teamed Yogurtland with Candy Crunch to design and implement an interactive web site. Consumers provided their information for an entry in the sweepstakes.

An opportunity to win an instant prize was also included on the website. It was an interactive candy puzzle that allowed the consumer to either click on various candy pieces (if they were using a laptop/PC) or “touch” the candy pieces (if using a mobile touch screen). As the pieces are selected, they would leave the screen to reveal if the person won a prize.

The Outcome

Of the 476,000 visitors who came to the site over the 10 week promotion, 321,000+ entered the sweepstakes and 700 instant win prizes were distributed. This promotion increased the clients brand recognition significantly, as well as repeat business.

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