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Electronic Sweepstakes Entry Solution

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The Challenge

An international CPG client needed an electronic solution to efficiently hold multiple consumer sweepstakes while working the largest automotive aftermarket trade show in North America.

Averaging over 150,000 consumers across the week long show, there was an urgent need for a reliable and expeditious method to allow consumers to sign up for individual sweepstakes.

The Solution

The Service Center (TSC) proposed using multiple tablets throughout the client’s footprint at the show to capture entries quickly and efficiently, and to ensure consumers were able to be “in and out” quickly. This was priority #1 since there would be several sweepstakes facilitated throughout the day.

As the entries accrued and each sweepstakes time came, the automated process randomly selected the winners and then emailed instructions for said winners, to sign for and receive their prize.

Within the email sent to each sweepstakes winner, TSC embedded a serial number that each winner would have to present at the client’s footprint in order to claim their prize. This was a security measure put in place to negate potential fraud and was sent to the client’s point of contact, prior to the winners being emailed, for validation.

In parallel, each sweepstakes winner’s information was emailed to the client’s point of contact as official documentation/record of each winner. The client was extremely pleased with the seamless capture of consumer’s information via the tablets as well as the instant access to the official winners and accompanying documentation.

The Outcome

Based on the rollout of this automated electronic solution, the client experienced thousands of entrants over a 4 day time period and received several thousand additional opt-ins from consumers wanting to receive additional information about the client’s products and services.

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