Spin to Win Sweepstakes

Incentives - Online Sweepstakes and Instant Win

The Challenge

A major CPG manufacturer needed a new incentive promotion that would build excitement with their installers and consumers while educating their consumers about their sponsorship of a major sporting event. At the same time, it needed to address a number of internal concerns: (1) Sales of their specialty brands were decreasing; (2) Existing promotions lacked an instant gratification angle; (3) There was no point of differentiation between their promotions and those of their competitors.

The Solution

We proposed using a digital incentive promotion to increase consumer engagement through a game playing experience. We designed the website that would allow the consumer to upload their submission and as a differentiator, the system would instantly validate their submission. Once validated, the site instantaneously rewards the consumer’s behavior with the opportunity to “spin” a digital tire to win one of 11 different prizes including a $10,000 Grand Prize.

The Outcome

Based on the rollout of this instant gratification promotion, the client experienced over 128,000 additional views of their sponsorship and enhanced their consumers’ involvement with their unique incentive programs. Due to the success of this program, the client expanded this promotion into Canada and repeated the promotion in the U.S. three additional times.

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