Edmunds Rebate Program

Incentives - Online Rebate Redemption Program

The Challenge

A Major online resource in the automotive space desired a new differentiator to incentivize dealers to advertise on their site.

The Solution

We recommended a Rebate program that would reward the purchaser of a specified used car on the dealer’s space within the client’s site.

Working in the background of the client’s site, once the consumer selected the vehicle and locked in the price, we captured the vehicle, purchase price and the associated dealership and consumer contact info. Once the individual purchased the vehicle, they could return to the site, upload the proof of purchase along with the original Rebate form. Upon final verification, we mailed the client’s branded Gift Card to the consumer.

The Outcome

Based on the rollout of this program, traffic to the site and sales have increased dramatically, which the dealer feels really put this space above their competitors.

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