Pennzoil Posters

Fulfillment - Kitting - Collateral

The Challenge

Global client needed promotional collateral kitted and shipped in the North American Marketplace for a new product announcement and sustaining projects.

Some of the specific challenges they faced involved:

These challenges created frustration prior to each previous promotion with their existing vendors and internally at the client.

The Solution

Provide the client a solution that was Simply. Done. Right. Let us know what needs to be shipped and where, and we will handle the rest. Most clients would also want us to manage the printing.

Based on the various kit components, we selected the proper shipping carton, worked with package carriers to properly position the components in the cartons for minimal damage while using the most economical modes to make sure the kits arrived just before the promotion started.

The Outcome

With any packages that are returned, we captured the reason for the return and updated our system to inactivate those locations from future promotion distributions. By managing the returned package process, we have implemented policies that have reduced returns by over 50%.

Since we coordinated this change, return rates are below 0.18%, kits and components are arriving undamaged at a much higher rate and the promotions run much smoother for the client and their vendors. Noise from the internal and external customers has been eliminated.

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