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Inner and Shipping Carton Labeling

Fulfillment - Labeling Services to Packaging Company

The Challenge

A full-service packaging solutions company needed to provide a turnkey solution for one of their clients. The client needed cartons to be labeled with barcodes to track them within their supply chain. While the company’s expertise was in delivering innovative packaging solutions, they needed a vendor partner to complete the project. So, they reached out to The Service Center (TSC) to handle the final critical steps of the process.

The packaging solutions company’s current label printing and application processes were slow and not productive. The company was also concerned that they would not meet the deadline for completing all the steps.

The Solution

TSC implemented a customized labeling solution to address each critical step of the process. First, each inner carton was labeled with a barcode which represented its unique serial number. Next, each shipping carton was labeled with carton number and applied to the shipping carton. As each inner carton was assigned to shipping cartons, TSC captured the inner carton serial numbers along with the associated shipping carton number. For the final step, TSC transmitted the data to the company’s administrative staff so they could monitor the assignment of the inner cartons to the shipping cartons and the overall movement of cartons as part of the client’s return process.

The Outcome

With TSC’s new, enlarged Production space and ability to scale their workforce for such large projects, TSC was able to build the cartons, print the serial number labels, apply the labels to the various cartons, scan and help track each carton per the customer’s client’s specifications. This whole process was completed much quicker than the packaging solution company could have done without TSC’s help.

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