UPC Labeling

Fulfillment - Updating UPC Label on Consumer Products

The Challenge

As a designer and distributor of superior intimate and sleepwear apparel, our client sells their product through various retailers across the U.S. To meet the various retailer specifications, our client is required to have unique UPC labeling for each retailer they serve. The Service Center (TSC) assists the client in meeting the various UPC labeling requirements.

Since their products are produced overseas in large quantities with a standard UPC label, the UPC label would not meet each Retailers label specification and would not have the correct retailer-specific pricing.

The Solution

TSC implemented a customized labeling solution to address each retailer’s unique specifications and pricing. A label format was designed based on each retailers’ specification and tied to a database of UPC codes and other pertinent information (Color, Size, Price, Lot, Description, etc.). As product is picked for each retailers’ order, “just in time” label generation occurs so the latest product information is printed on the label along with the UPC code. These labels are applied to the products as they are packed for distribution to the retailer.

The Outcome

With TSC’s expertise in database management, label printing and e-commerce fulfillment, the client can expand the distribution of their products to various “Big Chain” retailers. TSC’s solutions also help minimizing chargebacks by following the retailers’ labeling specifications and providing correct pricing.

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