Automotive Marketing

Sales promotions in the automotive industry face common challenges:

The Service Center synchronizes vendor resources for Kitting, Collateral fulfillment and Incentives into a friendly “one-stop shop” portal for ordering print-on-demand literature, collateral kits, POP, signage, wearables, premiums and much more.

We are known as the “small package experts” delivering Kits from the simple to the complex – for event management, new product introductions, sales sample distribution and sales promotions. Thousands of Kits are assembled every day.

Your inventory is managed in real-time with access to your data 24/7.

Processing orders for collateral fulfillment is streamlined and your people see consistent screen views and report forms. Your multi-vendor web portal is designed to be expandable for adding vendors and products, as your requirements grow.

Fulfilling incentives touches your customers in a personal way. We are your effective brand messenger for sales promotions and loyalty programs – dedicated to delivering the right prize, the right check, the right message to every one of your customers – at the right time.