Celebrating 40 years!

Oil & Gas Marketing

The Service Center has specialized in communication and fulfillment services to America’s oil and gas industry for more than 25 years.

Collateral Fulfillment services from The Service Center empower your sales and support teams with the latest versions of literature via friendly online portal for ordering presentation quality materials or printing directly from a PDF. Document management is integrated by a unified web portal, so the latest version of any document is available for viewing or printing. Field personnel can order small quantities of literature as needed instead of overpaying for large print runs that go out of date quickly. Storage costs can be cut to the bone.

The Service Center provides comprehensive Pipeline Awareness Communication services to U.S. and Canadian pipeline companies for regulatory compliance and risk management. Since 1989, we have pioneered in digital mapping for 25 years, conducted more than 750 pipeline communication projects and more than 450 pipeline project audits. TSC has been a USPS certified mail house since 1983.

Pipeline companies trust The Service Center based on our longevity as well as the quality of measurement and management reporting provided by this program.