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How is Product Fulfillment Different from Collateral Fulfillment?

Posted on Jul 02, 2018

Product fulfillment is the process of storing and distributing a product (beverage, wearable, toy, etc.) across various sales channels.

Collateral fulfillment is the storage and distribution of marketing materials (brochures, technical guides, banners, etc.) to marketing or sales groups.

When compared to fulfilling collateral materials, handling actual product requires a larger amount of warehouse space (receipt, storage and handling), more diverse handling, packaging and shipping considerations along with expertise in additional services.

Increased space

While 11,200 copies of a two page flyer occupy 16’ square feet of floor space, the same quantity of sixteen ounce bottles of product might be required 10 times the amount of floor space or 160’ sq. ft. This increased need will not only affect the storage of materials but also warehouse areas needed for Receiving, Staging and Shipping.

More diverse handling options

Depending on the nature of containers the product comes in (glass, thin aluminum, plastic, etc.), the requirements for the filler materials and/or shipping cartons will be much different than inserting sheets of paper into a corrugated box. Also, the distribution of products increases the use of skid shipments via LTL carriers versus collateral materials which can be handled by package carriers.

Additional services required

Supporting a client’s product fulfillment may require unique services that most collateral fulfillment companies have no experience in handling.

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